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Multimedia programming: Produced and programmed CD-ROMs and interactive kiosks for a variety of uses and clients

Video Production: Produced videos for industrial training and for training television production staff.

TV Production: Experience of production and development for national broadcast in many countries, including the U.S.

Training: Has set up and run multinational centers of educational technology. Expert lecturer and trainer in English, Spanish, and French

Consulting: Has done consultancies for the World Bank, the Organization of American States, Agency for International Development, and other major institutions.

Writing: Wrote standard textbook on "Television Production for Education"  Has published widely (including publications in Spanish). Author of technical books and books for the general public.

Administration: Has set up and run operations for innovative educational technologies, with budgets up to $10 million.



August 2000 - June 2008:  Instructional Media Specialist at the George Washington University, Washington, DC. (GW Television, Center for Distance and Mediated Learning, GW Solutions, and Academic Technologies Media Services).  Responsibilities: Development of video streaming techniques. Training and supervision of team to develop and deliver 18 academic courses by distance learning. Production of nationwide videoconference for 4-year colleges. Production of interactive media for National Transportation Safety Board, FORWARD, Price-Waterhouse, and GWSolutions Marketing. Development, installation, testing and training, real-time MPEG compression system with overnight CD duplication, mediated lectures for adult learners in Guam, South Pacific. Developed and delivered lecture series on instructional design for media for summer courses for GWU faculty. Gave consultations for faculty design work in Dermatology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Museum Studies. Designed and supervised production of web site for Educational Technology Leadership program. Design and development of interactive web site for CDML. Designed equipment strategy for faculty demonstration and development media laboratory for CDML. Development of video capture and editing procedures.

February 1997 - August 1997 and January 1998 to December 1999 Software Engineer, Avalon Integrated Services Responsibilities: Development of FHWA interactive kiosk of transport technologies. Organization of kiosk software structure. Design of visual database structure. Coding, integration of QuickTime and graphics elements, fine tuning of system for optimum performance and development of timeout procedures. Digital capture, reediting and compression of video clips. Development of cross-platform CD-ROM for mass distribution for Office of Highway Safety. Development of CD-ROM for mass distribution on Intelligent Transportation Systems of Commercial Vehicle Operations. Support for moble kiosks used in the United States and Canada.

August 1997 - November 1997 Programmer, MeetingHouseTechnologies. Responsibilities: Lingo programming for CD-ROMs for US Department of the Army and Prentice-Hall, Inc. Basic program structure and detailed interface development, integration of custom MHT Xtras into Director programming. Judge, New York Festivals contest for innovative media, hosted by Academy for Educational Development.

December 1994 - January 1997 Contract programmer/consultant, ComQuest Communications Corporation Contracts included: Programmer, CD-ROM for New Homes Guide, on both Macintosh and Windows platforms, in Director, with links to FileFlex for database management. Responsibilities: Development of user interface and database components, integration of graphic and text elements.. Development of databases and indexing, with development of high-speed user access. Programmer, CD-ROM for Defense Intelligence Security Agency, Macromedia Director for Windows and Macintosh. Responsibilities: Integration of graphics and QuickTime elements, coordination of interface elements with client house style, coding and testing.

Designer and Programmer, the NeurXercise(tm) suite of interactive therapeutic programs for cognitive remediation, in Supercard and Macromedia Director for Windows and Macintosh. Responsibilities: In coordination with subject specialist, wholly responsible for program structure, coding, development of graphic elements, and integration. Development and coding of CD-ROM development and Installer coding.

Programmer, "Hola!", multimedia language learning. Responsibilities: Development of all coding, structure, and graphics components Consultancy to Image Communications Inc. for Business Week multimedia database project.

Technical Director/Vice President, Challenger Center for Space Science Education, April 1988 - November 1994. Directly responsible for the site design, planning, ordering and installation of Challenger Learning Center space simulators in 24 institutions in the US and Canada. Project budgets totalled over $10 million. Learning Centers brought in on time and under budget. Recruited, trained and supervised staff for Computer Programming, Site Installation, Technical Support and Teaching Supplies. Direction and supervision of nationwide educational teleconference, with audience of over 1,000,000 students.

Controller, Academy for Research, Instruction, and Educational Systems, ARIES, October 1980 - March 1988 Designer and Programmer, "Access", a pupil's program and authoring system to produce and apply computer based instruction with microcomputers linked to interactive audio recorders and videodisc players. Responsibilities: Program structure and coding, development of IO interfaces with user-friendly access. Programmed database for NY Water Authority, using DBase II.

Co-Producer, "Across Cultures", a major television series for US high schools, produced with the University of Wisconsin and Positive Image Productions, for nationwide broadcast. Supervisor and data base programmer, study on off-air recording of "Cosmos", for Annenberg/CPB. Consultant to Annenberg/CPB on utilization of the "Mechanical Universe" college science series. Coordinator of production of auxiliary teaching materials for "The Mechanical Universe", working with CalTech for Annenberg/CPB. World Bank consultant for innovative uses of educational television in Costa Rica. Consultancies to national systems in Honduras, Swaziland, Trinidad and Tobago. Instructional television training for the College of the Bahamas.

Principal Specialist of the Multinational Project for Educational Technology of the Organization of American States. September 1972 to June 1980. Academic Director of the Mexican Center of that project. His work in this capacity included: Selection and training of teaching staff. Design and direction of multinational courses in the production of mass media for education, at basic and advanced levels. Selection, training and supervision of professional staff in the design, production, and testing of modular, multiple media, training materials in the production of educational television for international use. Consultancies to educational television stations, universities, and Ministries of Education throughout the hemisphere.

June 1970 - June 1972 British Council consultant to Instituto Nacional de Radio y Televisin of Colombia. Founded Multinational Center for Educational Television, organized and ran multinational training courses in educational television production.

September 1963 - May 1970 Producer, Center for Educational Television Overseas, London. (Seconded 1967-69 to Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Accra)


Producer and software writer, interactive CD-ROM series "BAS Photo Archive" for the Biblical Archeological Society.

Programmer "Gateways to Glaciation"  for Joint Oceanographic Institutions.

Director and Editor, location shoots for "Collection Management" by GWU Museum Studies for the National Endowment for the Humanities.  Scenes shot in non-public areas of the National Gallery of Art, the Natural History Museum, the National Textile Museum, the Museum of the American Indian.

Prototype interactive DVD's for the George Washington University.

Co-producer -- DVD's of theatrical productions in the Gelman Theater, for the Summer Distance Learning initiative, the George Washington University.

Co-producer -- DVD's of scenes in Buddhist and Hindu temples, for the Summer Distance Learning initiative, the George Washington University.

Co-Producer "Across Cultures" 13 television programs for 6th and 7th grade, nationwide, U.S.,  with Positive Image Productions, for Agency for Instructional Television and Wisconsin ETV and Radio Network.

Producer "C.L.A.S.S" series of simulation DVD's for the GWU Medical Center and Hummro.

Producer "Collection Management" video series for GWU and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Executive Producer (for Multinational Project for Educational Technology) "Como se Forma la Imagen" "Limitaciones de Imgenes" "Tomas de Personas" "Tomas de Objetos" "Tomas Subjetivas" "Lista de Tomas" "Organizacin de Locaciones" "La Filmacin" "Edicin de Pelcula" "Comentarios" "Combinaciones de Imgenes" "Transiciones de Imgenes" "Switcher de Video" "Naturaleza de Sonido" "Codificacin de Audio" "Fallas de Audio" "Qu es un Modulo?" "Trabajo del PMTE"

Executive Producer (for Inravisin) "Nuevos Mtodos en la Enseanza de Ciencias Naturales" (5 programs - nationwide transmission)

Executive Producer (for Ghana Broadcasting Corporation) "General Science 1" (23 programs) "General Science 2" (23 programs) "Mathematics" (9 programs)

Producer (for Centre for Educational Television Overseas) "Battle With Blindness" (5 programs) "The World of Algebra"(36 programs) "Good Lighting Part II" "Good Lighting Part III" "Floor Management" "People Talking" "Putting the Picture on the Screen" "Science on Television"


"How to Fly to the British Isles" *, Vintage Books, Random House.

"How to Fly the Atlantic" *, Kogan Page, London.

"Produccin de la Televisin para la Educacin" *, Tecla, Santiago de Chile.

"Television Production for Education - A Systems Approach" *, Focal Press, London.



"Viewpoint" (Innovation in Education) *, Educational Broadcasting International. "The Mexican Telesecundaria - The Problems of Success", VFI. "The Problem Solving Approach - A Solution for ETV?" *, Educational Broadcasting International. "The Media Selection Process" *, Educational Broadcasting International. (Also published as "El Proceso de Seleccion de Medios" in Revista de Tecnologia Educativa). Included in "Media Planning", Alan Hancock, and in "Big Media, Little Media", Schramm. "Teaching Science Teaching by Colombian Television", EBI (with Christopher Housden) "The Classroom Teacher" *, ETI. "Receiver Reliability" *, ETI. "New Mathematics on Ghana Television", ETI. "General Science in Ghana", ETI. Reprinted by UNESCO in "New Trends in Integrated Science Teaching - Vol. 1" "The World of Algebra", ETI.

* With John Tiffin